Kobe Bryant Needs To Realize His Best Days Are Over

Kobe Bryant will never win the NBA Finals again in his career. He will never appear in the NBA Finals again. He will likely never appear in the Western Conference Finals ever again. If he appears in an another NBA All-Star Game, that itself would have been a feat. I’ve seen NBA players come and go my entire life. The end comes for every player. I just do not believe Kobe Bryant’s ego will allow him to face the facts. An amazing NBA career is nearly over. He is almost human now.

Even if Kobe Bryant were to recover from his injuries, he’s missed almost the entire 2013-14 NBA season. He would need to do many things heading into the 2014-15 season. He would need to fully recover from his injury, get back in shape and deal with adapting to a game he hasn’t played regularly at an NBA level in over a year. Furthermore, do all of this at an older age. Everyone always looked at Michael Jordan as an immortal when he retired following the 1998 NBA Finals. We saw Larry Bird old and Magic Johnson old. In 2001, Michael Jordan returned to the Wizards and rarely reached 1990s level. We finally saw Michael Jordan old. I foresee much of the same for Kobe pending his return. An old injured man.


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