Kobe Bryant: The Basketball Great Retires


So I’ve always been off and on about Kobe. I earned the nickname ‘Kobe’ in high school for wearing Kobe Bryant’s shoes freshmen year. He did defeated the Reggie Miller/Chris Mullin & Larry Bird coached Pacers in the 2000 Finals and our Celtics in the 2010 Finals, which never settled with me well. I did enjoy the 2004 Pistons and 2008 Celtics defeating him in the NBA Finals. However, he was the closest thing to Michael Jordan that we’ve seen since he left the game.

I hated Kobe as a Celtics fan, but as an NBA fan, as a basketball fan and as a basketball player, I’ve always admired the way he played with confidence, passion and determination. The 2008 Olympic Gold Medal game, featured him rising up of all players and assuring the Gold came home to the United States. That will always be my favorite Kobe performance. Best of luck in the future, Kobe and definitely see about starring in your own basketball movie in Hollywood.



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