Russell Westbrook is Mazza Media’s Pick For NBA MVP



It’s unanimous in my eyes. He was my pick for MVP early into the 2016-17 and remains so now, just days away from the end of the season. 42 Triple Double Performances by Russell Westbrook minimum out of an 82 game season, worst case scenario. That’s the very definition of valuable. We as basketball fans concern ourselves with how many points players are scoring, but we don’t give rebounding and assists enough credit.

In a season where Kevin Durant joined Golden State, Westbrook has proven himself as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. I understand the arguments for the Rocket’s James Harden or Spurs Kawhi Leonard, but we have to look at the numbers here. Harden and Leonard clearly have superior rosters in their favor. Leonard plays for the best Head Coach in the NBA in Gregg Popovich. Westbrook has had to pick up a lot of the slack for his team this season and has done so in historic fashion, surpassing the legendary Oscar Robertson.


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