Eric Swagert’s WWE “Shake-Up” (Draft 2017) Predictions



BO DALLAS to SMACKDOWN. Joins his brother Bray in the Wyatt Family.

NEW DAY to SMACKDOWN. Adds a much needed strong tag team to their division.

ROMAN REIGNS to SMACKDOWN. I could see a Samoan Dynasty pairing with the Usos and a new top heel for the brand.

ALICIA FOX to SMACKDOWN. The Raw Women’s Division has little room, so give her an opportunity on the blue brand.

ENZO and CASS to SMACKDOWN. The same reason as the New Day, and with the Hardy Boyz on board, Smackdown may have more opportunity for them to carry the tag team titles.

AJ STYLES to RAW. Can you say “The Club Reuniting on Raw?”

LUKE HARPER to RAW. All he has been good for lately is feuding with Bray Wyatt, on again and off again. Get him to Raw.

KALISTO to RAW. If Smackdown isn’t utilizing him, they may as well send him on Raw with the 205 Live division.

VAUDEVILLAINS and/or BREEZANGO to RAW. The Raw tag teams are deep and the brand needs some teams for the Revival to beat up on.

NATAYLA to RAW. Her feud with Charlotte was a must-watch in NXT and would continue as a great story on Raw.


SETH ROLLINS to SMACKDOWN. Once upon a time Dean Ambrose and himself were the #1 and #2 picks in the 2016 Draft. The blue brand adds Rollins in as the top face.

SAMI ZAYN to SMACKDOWN. I still see him remaining on Raw feuding with Stephanie McMahon upon her return.

CESARO and/or SHEAMUS to SMACKDOWN. They’re an unlikely team but their time may soon come to an end and take place following the Payback PPV.

SUMMER RAE to SMACKDOWN. She hasn’t been around in a while and she may as well start over fresh on the blue brand.

BECKY LYNCH to RAW. This would unite the Four Horsewomen on Raw and I could definitely see Vince McMahon trying to put that together.

THE MIZ to RAW. The red brand is more about the promos and smack talking, and who is better than the Awesome one himself?


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