WWE Superstar Shake-Up (Draft 2017) Predictions


On Raw April 3, 2017 the episode following WrestleMania 33, WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon announced a shake-up for Raw April 10, 2017. Superstars will change brands. He didn’t exactly say a draft or draft lottery. Either way, here are my predictions for next Monday.


AJ STYLES to RAW. The Phenomenal One arrives on the red brand and is out of Shane McMahon’s hair. AJ brings some added action to brand that desperately needs it.

SHINSUKE NAKAMURA to SMACKDOWN. He was kept off Raw this week and likely Smackdown this week but I expect him to go to SD. He won’t need to be on a 3 hour show where the pressure to go on the mic constantly is present. He can just show up and wrestle.

SASHA BANKS to SMACKDOWN. Sasha has wrestled Charlotte and Nia Jax more than we can count. Sending Sasha to Smackdown is a major shake up!

ALEXA BLISS to RAW. Alexa lost the SD Women’s belt at WrestleMania and she’s wrestled Becky and Naomi constantly. It’s time to send her to Raw. Plus, her and Sasha don’t get along so swap the two. Alexa will excel on Raw where mic performers are desperately needed. It would also be great to see her battle Bayley and Charlotte.

THE NEW DAY is SPLIT UP. I won’t predict who goes where… WHO! WHO! WHO! WHO! but I see them being split up.

BO DALLAS to SMACKDOWN. Bray Wyatt is resurgent after losing at WrestleMania and Bo is just the man to help him.

LUKE HARPER to RAW. Gets him out of the shadow of the Bray feud.

CARMELLA to RAW. Carmella ditches James Ellsworth and rejoins Enzo and Cass who desperately need her back.

DANA BROOKE to SMACKDOWN. Dana gets a fresh start on a new brand and pairs with Natalya who can help guide her in WWE on camera or off of it.

GABLE and JORDAN to RAW. They won and lost the Smackdown titles but a new world is open to them on Raw.

JBL to RAW and COREY GRAVES to SMACKDOWN. Heel color commentators switch so Mauro Ranallo can leave his sanctuary from JBL. Jim Ross could also replace Ranallo on Smackdown so stand by!


ROMAN REIGNS to SMACKDOWN. I’d be shocked if it happened because it’s looking like Roman vs. Brock at Mania next year but let’s see.

SETH ROLLINS to SMACKDOWN. It’s a shake up without question but if AJ goes to Raw and Rollins goes to SD, they replace one another… but having both on Raw would make for a great feud… best saved for Mania 34 though. I see a Samoa Joe or Kevin Owens feud in Rollins immediate future.

BECKY LYNCH to RAW. I doubt both Alexa and Becky would both go to the same brand after the multiple times they’ve already met though. If Alexa goes, Becky stays. Becky and Sasha reunite.

SHEAMUS and CESARO to SMACKDOWN. This brings in more tag team competition plus both can work as singles stars when needed. They need a change of pace and SD is best for them. They’re #1 contenders on Raw for the tag team belts but that doesn’t mean they still can’t get sent to SD.


JOHN CENA remains on SMACKDOWN. He’s going to be gone and Raw will be built around Reigns so he’s staying put.

FINN BALOR remains on RAW. I don’t see him leaving. I just don’t.

CHARLOTTE remains on RAW. I find it hard to believe they’re going to send her over to SD as I expect Sasha to be traded over. I see Bayley and Charlotte continuing into Payback.

NATALYA remains on SMACKDOWN. Smackdown needs lockerroom leaders more than Raw and Natayla is best served mentoring the talent on Smackdown.

SAMOA JOE remains on RAW. To work under Triple H.

THE MIZ and MARYSE remain on SMACKDOWN. Miz has been excelling as much as he has his entire career on SD and a good thing won’t be interrupted.

ALL CHAMPIONS remain on CURRENT BRANDS. Slight chance that Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and United States Champion Kevin Owens make the swap but that’s it. I believe WWE wants Ambrose and Renee Young to stick with Smackdown. Owens is still working under Triple H. Possibly the Crusierweight Division gets moved to Smackdown but that show is pressed for time with 2 hours and better served on Raw. Universal Champion Brock isn’t going SD so I doubt WWE Champion Orton is coming to Raw. The Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships are branded so I don’t see Bayley and Naomi swapping. The same can be said for the Raw Tag Champions the Hardyz and Smackdown Champions the Usos.






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