The Final Stand of the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33


The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time and no matter who comes and goes a thousand years from now, he will still be one of the greatest. Undertaker is an absolute model of what a great wrestler should be. The physical presence, the character, the movelist, the storyline telling, etc.

It’s unfortunate that his career is now over or presumed to be over. It’s even more unfortunate that Roman Reigns and not Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Triple H, Bray Wyatt or Brock Lesnar (a second time) were the one designated to end this. I believe people loved Ric Flair but were honored with Shawn Michaels being the guy to end his career. The same can be said for Michaels who fans were honored with Undertaker being the guy to end his career. Undertaker was left putting over a guy who the majority of the fanbase doubt is the guy. I believe even Cena haters would’ve preferred John Cena to be the guy because in the end Cena has an established legacy in WWE.

I was 100% behind Brock Lesnar being the guy to end The Streak at 21-1. Brock was exactly the guy who should’ve ended this back at WrestleMania 30. Brock has all the attributes of someone you believe could defeat the Undertaker straight up. Brock was also respected historically.

Many say Mania 30 should’ve been the end for Taker, but I and many weren’t ready for Taker to retire. I was glad he came back and got wins over Bray at Mania 31 and Shane McMahon at Mania 32. It gave him some redemption and turned The Streak into The Record of 23-1.

The farewell was very well done and Undertaker deserved to end this show. I admit I had my fist raised while he raised his fist. He’s one of the most captivating superstars in WWE history who many of us recall as kids. I remember when he was a rookie and battling Hulk Hogan and Jake the Snake Roberts in his 2nd WrestleMania. It’s devastating to see him go but age and injury catches up to you. In retrospect, dating back to 1999 and the state he was in then, it’s a miracle he entered into the 21st century and performed at such an amazing level. WrestleMania 25 and 26 versus Shawn Michaels were mind blowing performances.

23-2 is a very respectful record in the end. He has 2 losses late in his career and that’s no big deal. It’s all written off to old age.

I thank Undertaker for everything he gave us.




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