Country Sooper (Upton, MA) Crashed Into By Vehicle


The Upton Police Department has posted photos of a Jeep crashing into the Country Sooper in Upton, Massachusetts. It was a typical Friday afternoon at one of the best places to grab a sandwich, deli meat, marinated meat, cold drink, snack, newspaper, cigarettes or play the lottery in the area. That was until a Jeep crashed into the front of the store in reverse.

The Upton Police Department’s Official Facebook page wrote: “Police and Fire are assisting with a motor vehicle crash on Main Street involving a car into a building. A preliminary investigation revealed the operator pressed the accelerator by mistake, causing the vehicle to reverse into the building. No injuries were sustained.”

It’s takes a pretty big feat of being a bad driver, to not only drive in reverse by mistake, but drive at an angle, over a sidewalk and crash right into the building. I’m sure all of the student drivers at Blackstone Valley Tech and Nipmuc Regional wouldn’t have made this mistake, even if it was their first driving lesson.


Keep in the mind the cash teller clerk works right behind the point of impact, about 3-5 feet away at any given time.

Country Sooper2

This should be a quick carpentry fix. Fortunately, it’s not as bad as say the entire face of the building being crashed into, which the Worcester Telegram & Gazette had me thinking until I saw these photos. The important thing is nobody was hurt. The folks here appreciate everyone’s business and all of the customers are always happy to stop in. People walk passed the store on the sidewalk all of the time and store traffic is constant.

Anyways, the great Country Sooper of Upton, MA lives on!


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