All-Time Underrated Comedies


A lot of comedies have come and gone over the decades. Great comedies, fair comedies and horrible comedies. Some have stood the test of time, whether in a good sense or a bad one. Some were quiet classics of their time. On TV all of the time, in their time, but now quite forgotten. Here is a look at a list of movies that deserve to be spotlighted once more:

ARMED AND DANGEROUS (1986) – John Candy, Eugene Levy, Meg Ryan.

John Candy plays a cop, framed for the very robbery he was trying to stop. Thrown off the force, he becomes a night security guard, and partners with a failed lawyer, Eugene Levy. Together, they learn of immense corruption within the security company and work to bring Guard Dog security down. Candy is actually very believable as both a cop and an action star. It’s amazing to see that he did do another action comedy, despite his life ending years later. The movie is filled with well-timed jokes and an excellent ensemble of little to unknown comedic actors.

THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS (1987) – Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox is one of the greatest stars that the 1980’s ever produced. The ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy and ‘Teen Wolf’ are among his best movies. I’d have to say over time this film has become lost in history. A true relic of it’s time. A very dated film by today’s standards but the classic American story of a farm boy from Kansas, taking to corporate New York City. Fox’s Uncle, who he barely knows, gets him a job in the mail room. Fox takes things to the next level, assuming the role of a new hire in the corporate front. Daily, he bounces between his real and false personas. Very hilarious to see him juggle between both jobs as mail boy and corporate suit. A very solid cast with some classic shots of 20th Century New York City.

SAVING SILVERMAN (2001) – Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn, Jack Black, Amanda Peet

Biggs, Zahn and Black are the best of friends. A bunch of Neil Diamond wannabes. Biggs is all about finding his special someone, when Zahn spots a young and extremely gorgeous Amanda Peet at the bar one night. Biggs gets through her ‘kill every guys approach’ defenses by nothing short of a miracle. Biggs falls under her will as boyfriend and soon fiance, in which she controls the relationship. Peet’s characters turns all of their lives upside down. Zahn and Black are ousted as Biggs friends by Peet, as she assigns him a new social circle. Zahn and Black, not to be defeated, plot to kidnap Peet and fake her death, until the bumbling duo can formulate further plans. A low-rate comedy but a fun and outrageous time not to be taken seriously.

HEAVYWEIGHTS (1995) – Ben Stiller and Multiple Mighty Ducks

An absolute summer classic in my family growing up. Gerald Garner, age 11 is heading to summer camp. A camp specifically for overweight children called ‘Fat Camp’. The movie is everything a 1990’s Disney comedy could be, with multiple kids from the ‘The Mighty Ducks’ movies, with Karp as Gerald and including the goalie Goldberg and Russ Tyler ‘The Knucklepuck Kid’. When the old beloved camp owning couple come upon financial turmoil, the camp is taken over by fitness guru, Tony Perkis, played by then unknown Ben Stiller. Stiller is on the same level he was in ‘Dodgeball’ and owns every scene he is in. A very great overall family summer comedy.

ME, MYSELF and IRENE (2001) – Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger

I really believe after you sort Jim Carrey’s movies into his best and his worst, this movie remains as one of his better comedies. A Rhode Island state trooper named Charlie who is passive-aggressive, realizes his alter ego Hank, who is overly aggressive and lashes out on all of Charlies tormentors. The plot then turns to Carrey and Renee Zellweger travelling on the road, and in all sorts of crime related scenarios, as Carry’s Charlie and Hank battle it out.

THE WEDDING SINGER (1998) – Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Steve Buscemi

An Adam Sandler film right in the heart of the early movies of his career as a leading actor. This movie is right up there with ‘Billy Madison’ and ‘Happy Gilmore’. Based in the 1980’s, Sandler is simply a wedding singer. An awesome 1980’s soundtrack, non-stop fun and comedy throughout. We witness the ups and downs in the romantic life on Robbie Hart (Sandler), who realizes his love from Julia (Drew Barrymore) and must stop her from marrying Glen Guglia and stop her from becoming Julia Guglia. Steve Buscemi also steals every scene he is in.

ELECTION (1999) – Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Klein

A movie I never saw until many years after it’s release. Matthew Broderick is still as Matthew Broderick as ever as a school teacher, despite playing far from a Ferris Bueller. Reese Witherspoon is essentially Hillary Clinton in high school and proves why her career only went upward following this film. A classic comedy with a supporting cast of characters who strongly support the movie and advance the plot throughout. Broderick comes between a battle for the class election between Reese and Chris Klein, and his life is altered forever during the course of the election process. The way he deals with every situation , no matter how outrageous is perfect.




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