Sting to WWE Status Update


From “As we previously reported, Sting allegedly signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. The previous report was provided in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer. However, F4WOnline, the website for the newsletter, now has an update on the story in which it conflicts its previous report.

The website is reporting that Sting was sent his WWE contract several days ago. However, as of Friday, April 11, Sting had not put pen to paper or even returned the contract. Within WWE, there was a belief that both sides reached an agreement on the deal, but as mentioned, Sting has not yet inked his name on the contract.

Although Sting has not signed the contract, there is no fear of a serious hold-up from WWE’s point of view. Additionally, people within WWE were working with the impression that Sting was on board for a while. This mindset was reportedly present before the WrestleMania XXX event, so if anything, this all appears to be a minor setback for WWE.”

I admit I am growing impatient, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Sting confirmed to join WWE soon. I’m looking for at least one match out of him: versus Undertaker or Triple H at WrestleMania. I would be fine with either. It would be disappointing if he never wrestles a single match in WWE. I understand he is growing old and getting injured, but he should be capable of putting on a serviceable match. The biggest question will be crowd response. How will modern WWE fans react? Do they even know who he is? I think that will determine the success of his WWE tenure.

It’s really too bad that Sting didn’t come over to WWE in 2001 during the Invasion. 2006 also would’ve been a great year for him to have faced Undertaker at WrestleMania 22. Both men were still young enough to give a top notch performance and Sting was still well known by audiences. I don’t think anyone would’ve cared if Taker vs. Mark Henry never happened, not that it was a bad match. It was actually good. Taker vs. Sting just would’ve been a match for all-time. The latest question being asked is: was WrestleMania XXX the final time Undertaker will ever wrestle? It reminds me of when WWE finally got Goldberg in 2003, only to see Austin retire on Raw the following night after WrestleMania XIX. We missed out on that, but hopefully we’ll get Taker & Sting.

April 15th Update:
Sting has appeared on the WWE Network for an interview and shared his favorite Ultimate Warrior memory according to wrestlinginc:

Sting made his first WWE-related TV appearance on tonight’s Ultimate Warrior “Greatest Matches” special on the WWE Network. In between matches, they have been featuring recently recorded comments from various stars on Warrior and Sting spoke after Ricky Steamboat.

Sting talked about how his favorite Warrior memory was Warrior putting tuna and orange juice in a blender and saying, “I got my protein and vitamin C all in one.”



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