Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe (Connecticut) Is A Sub Shop Palace


I caught this place on ‘Food Paradise’ today, and absolutely fell in love with it. Here is the exact video that aired on Travel Channel:

I’m about as big of a sub fan as you’re ever going to find. The italian sub has always been one of my go to’s on any sub menu. Nardelli’s has me sold and it’s too bad they’re not a nationwide chain. They have multiple chains across Connecticut and it looks like they’re opening another. They’ve been voted the #1 sandwich in the state for many years now. The Travel Channel also named them a top five sub maker, nationally. I particularly love how they’re putting the sandwich together with mixed vegetables in a secret marinade. I find that very intriguing, original and incredible.

I’m almost tempted to hit the road and buy about ten of them. The homemade baked bread also looks great and truly always makes any sandwich great.

After a few trips to New York and New Jersey over the years, I’ve gained a high level of respect for freshly cut deli meats on my sandwich. It is true that it puts a sandwich on another level. The same can be said for fresh bread. You just can’t beat it. The place looks simple. A perfected simple. I know where I’m stopping the next time I’m in Connecticut.

Nardelli’s is online with a full menu and locations at:


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