’s Greatest QB Of All-Time Bracket (Final): Unitas vs Montana


The Finals
Johnny Unitas vs. Joe Montana
Our Pick: Joe Montana

We’re going to go with Montana on this one. It’s hard to look past all of his Super Bowl victories and clutch drives. Montana and Unitas played in two different eras, but Montana played in a more sophisticated era. I recall recently watching a special on Packers Coach Vince Lombardi. They told of how he innovated the game with a simple power sweep. You couldn’t get away with that kind of coaching in the NFL from the 80s onward. The game is constantly evolving and Lombardi or Unitas in today’s NFL would have a lot of re-learning and adjusting to do. I don’t know if Unitas could handle the state of the art defenses. He also played the era of the running back get a lot more opportunities. We’ve seen Montana play in a balanced era with backs like Roger Craig and receivers like Jerry Rice. Montana even defeated the 1994 Super Bowl Champion 49ers in a battle against his former team and Steve Young, as an old QB for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has our vote in this debate.

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