’s Greatest QB Of All-Time Bracket (ROUND 4): Our Picks


Round 4 is upon us and two of our four picks advanced to the Finals. Tom Brady and Joe Montana are in Round 4 while Drew Bledsoe and Terry Bradshaw were sent packing. Once again here are our picks for the current round:

Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana
Our Pick: Tom Brady

Hold the press: Tom Brady OVER Joe Montana?? Montana won four Super Bowls to Tom Brady’s three. We know, we know. The fact is the 49ers Dynasty week on NFL Network opened our eyes to some harsh realities about Joe Cool. Montana never won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls like Brady did. The 49ers were also having second thoughts about Montana in the year of his 3rd Super Bowl victory according to NFL America’s Game 1988. That’s why they had Steve Young on the roster in 1988 and 1989. Montana would end up putting together Super Bowl victories in those seasons and cement the 49ers legacy. The Patriots have yet to have any second thoughts about Brady. It’s true Tom Brady did lose the Super Bowl twice, but he did appear in 5 Super Bowls to Montana’s 4. Brady also has a higher total of Conference Championship appearances. When we count all of the little things we notice Tom Brady also helped carry the 2001, 2006 and 2013 Patriots further than most other QBs would have. Montana may have won 4 Super Bowl games but what about all of the years he didn’t? How much success did those teams have? Montana even once got blown out by the Giants in the playoffs. Brady has been far more consistent. If Brady had gone 19-0 we wouldn’t need to make much more of an argument. Brady still has time left to add to his legacy and if he does win a 4th Super Bowl, we’re even more certain he was superior to Montana. NFL Network has a most clutch QB list that had Montana over Brady. The grounds were that Montana led clutch TD drives where Brady led clutch FG drives. If you further examine Super Bowl 38 and 42, you see Brady had clutch TD drives in both of those games. The drives would be matched by the opposition, but the defense was at fault in those events. Brady technically had two clutch drives in Super Bowl 38, a TD and a FG. We’re going with Tom Brady in this debate.

Donovan McNabb vs. Johnny Unitas
Our Pick: Johnny Unitas

We hate to sell Donovan McNabb short but he nor Bledsoe have any business being in Round 3 let alone Round 4. We don’t need to get into why Unitas is better. He clearly is.


One thought on “’s Greatest QB Of All-Time Bracket (ROUND 4): Our Picks

  1. Why did Johnny Unitas advance to the next round when Terry Bradshaw had more votes? This bracket is rigged, and im not a steelers fan, just sayin…


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