’s Greatest QB Of All-Time Bracket (ROUND 3): Our Picks


We went 6 for 8 in our picks for Round 2 with Roger Staubach and Steve Young both going down. We really don’t know how Steve Young loses to Drew Bledsoe. The voters certainly put Russell Wilson to rest. Here is a look at our picks for Round 3:

Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers
Our Pick: Tom Brady

Tom Brady has a long history of winning seasons, breaking records and has played in 5 Super Bowl Games. Aaron Rodgers has played in one. Brady is also the more clutch QB.

Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino
Our Pick: Joe Montana

Dan Marino may have the stronger arm and may pass for more yards. Marino also had less talent. That all aside, Montana has 4 rings and more comebacks than we can account for. We have to go with Montana, who also defeated a young Marino in Super Bowl XIX.

Johnny Unitas vs. Terry Bradshaw
Our Pick: Terry Bradshaw

We’ll likely be wrong as the voters will select Unitas. We still feel like we should go with Bradshaw. He was a consistent title winner.

Donovan McNabb vs. Drew Bledsoe
Our Pick: Drew Bledsoe

It’s honestly a disgrace that McNabb and Bledsoe are in the elite eight when we’re discussing the great NFL QBs. We look at it this way.. McNabb won an NFC Conference Championship once in like a billion tries. Bledsoe won an AFC Conference Championship in 1996, then took over for an injured Brady and got the Patriots back to the Super Bowl in 2001. Bledsoe is 2 for 2 in Conference Championships. That’s where we rest our argument. We can go further and say Bledsoe had the better arm also.


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