Vince Wilfork Returns To Patriots, 3 years/22.5 Million Reaction


Vince Wilfork and the New England Patriots have agreed to a 3-year deal worth 22.5 million dollars. 3 million dollars will be guaranteed. The deal is restructured and will aid the Patriots salary cap wise. Wilfork will rejoin the team with new teammates Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. The Patriots defense will be formidable if Wilfork and Tommy Kelly both have a healthy 2014. They could really be true Super Bowl contenders. Imagine if they acquired Desean Jackson or Maurice Jones-Drew now? The Patriots would almost certainly win the Super Bowl. It’s been a chaotic past two weeks between Wilfork, the Patriots and the fanbase. Every side was very anxious. He asked for his release, he cleared out his locker and fans begged him to stay on social media. The Patriots front office didn’t flinch and kept striving to get a new deal done. In the end, Wilfork is back in blue. If Wilfork has any chance left at winning himself a 2nd Super Bowl, being paired with Brady, Belichick and Revis is the best way to do it. Not anywhere else. You can’t beat working with that level of coaching or playing ability. It’s going to be a great season.


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