New Hampshire Ghost Throws Glass In Store (Video)


Maybe I’ve been watching too many paranormal videos the past few weeks: Ghosts, Mothman, Real Men in Black, Aliens, etc. The following video from a Gilford store in NH beats the hell outta me:

My first reaction: The wind blew it.

My second reaction: I realized that the wind only blew that, and not anything else.

That’s where I left off at. I’d have to say this would have to be a very well done fake ghost video if being fake were the case. I don’t claim to believe or not to believe in ghosts. I do know what I see. It looks like it’s being nudged upwardly before it’s pushed off the table. It doesn’t glide. It’s launched. No shadows to suggest someone used a green CGI suit to edit themselves from the video. Nothing. Of course the glass bowl itself could be CGI but that is one incredible blend. It also creates shadows as it falls. Considering it’s clear glass, I don’t suppose it would cast too many shadows. The comments on this video are flooded with users suggesting this ghost video is fake. They make some great points. The woman never interacts with the glass. The glass disappears and reappears as it’s falling.


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