’s Greatest QB Of All-Time Bracket (ROUND 2): Our Picks

Round2 began Round 2 yesterday at and we’re back with our picks for Round 2. We correctly voted for 11 of the 16 QB matchup victors in the round one. Five of our picks: Manning, Moon, Favre, Warner and Aikman were all sent packing by the voters.

Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees
Our Pick: Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been to 5 Super Bowl’s compared to Drew Brees 1. While Brady and Brees are always challenging records with their performances, Brees just doesn’t stack up to Brady when you lay everything out.

Aaron Rodgers vs. Russell Wilson
Our Pick: Aaron Rodgers

We’d be picking Peyton Manning over Aaron Rodgers had he gotten past Russell Wilson. The voters have spoken, either that or the Seattle fans voted a hundred times each. Aaron is a superior pocket passer and that’s what we value more. We also feel if we swapped QBs onto one another’s Super Bowl teams, Wilson doesn’t lead the 2010 Packers to a Super Bowl.

Joe Montana vs. Jim Kelly
Our Pick: Joe Montana

Montana won 4 Super Bowl’s. Jim Kelly lost 4. That’s where this argument begins and ends.

Dan Marino vs. John Elway
Our Pick: Dan Marino

John Elway won the Super Bowl twice in five attempts. Dan Marino went to one Super Bowl and lost. Elway still needed players like Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis to finally get the job done. Marino never had that luxury of having more talent placed around him. Therefore, we’re not arguing this one on postseason success. If either man had been a 80s Niner or a 90s Cowboy, there is no telling how many Super Bowl’s either man may have won. We really want to call this one a draw, but we’re going to go with Dan Marino.

Terry Bradshaw vs. Bart Starr
Our Pick: Terry Bradshaw

It’s very tough when you have to compare two dynasty QBs from the 60s and 70s. Both men played for historic coaches with historic players around them. We feel Bradshaw had better talent around him, and Starr had the better coach. We also wanted to declare this one a draw, but we ultimately selected Bradshaw. He also defeated Roger Staubach twice in the Super Bowl.

Johnny Unitas vs. Roger Staubach
Our Pick: Roger Staubach

Another tough decision. We feel like we should have picked Unitas without thinking twice. He’s the ultimate QB. Roger Staubach is also one of the NFL’s greatest QBs. I cannot stress enough that he appeared in 5 Super Bowl’s. We ultimately declared that if not for the Steelers, Staubach would have 2 more rings on his finger. We feel Unitas maximized his championship opportunities. Staubach it is.

Steve Young vs. Drew Bledsoe
Our Pick: Steve Young

Drew Bledsoe in 1994 would’ve had no problem winning Super Bowl 29 with the amount of talent the Niners had. Steve Young would’ve given Reggie White and the Packers defense fits in Super Bowl XXXI. When we switch QBs, we feel that’s where Young is superior to Bledsoe. Young can scramble. They both have arms, but Young has feet.

Donovan McNabb vs. Rich Gannon
Our Pick: Donovan McNabb

We don’t agree that either QB belongs in the second round. We’re going with McNabb because he could consistently bring his team to the Conference Championship on a yearly basis.


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