X-Men: Days Of Future Past 2nd Trailer


I didn’t really get all excited after watching the first trailer, but after watching this 2nd trailer, I cannot wait for May 23rd. You can bet a lot of money that this will be the greatest X-Men movie since ‘X2: X-Men United’ and quite possibly the greatest X-Men movie. This will also go right into the argument amongst the great superhero films. The concept of bringing together the original X-Men trilogy cast and combining them with the ‘First Class’ cast is brilliant. Jennifer Lawrence breaking out and becoming a star is always a plus. Michael Fassbender dawns the Magneto costume and looks awesome. Hugh Jackman is going to do what he does best and play Wolverine at the characters absolute finest. It’s unreal to think that this will be Jackman’s sixth stint as Wolverine in a leading role and seventh appearance when counting his cameo in First Class. Halle Berry and Ellen Page also make returns. I cannot wait for this movie.


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