’s Greatest QB Of All-Time Bracket: Our Picks

QBS is running an outstanding fan poll right now which can be found at: We at Reaction Reporters wanted to breakdown the bracket and voice our picks for their first round.

Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning
Our Pick: Tom Brady

While Eli Manning has defeated Tom Brady in 2 Super Bowl meetings, Eli doesn’t have any other great seasons under his belt. He hasn’t really had any great non-Super Bowl seasons. Brady has won 3 Super Bowl’s, been MVP twice, all on top of numerous winning seasons. While Brady does have Belichick.. Belichick also has Brady. Brady also would’ve defeated Eli in both Super Bowl’s if both QBs swapped uniforms.

Drew Brees vs. Ben Roethlisberger
Our Pick: Drew Brees

Big Ben is 2-1 in Super Bowl’s, while Drew Brees only has one ring. We feel Brees as a Steeler would have beaten the 2010 Packers and would have 3 rings in the 21st Century for Pittsburgh. Brees also beat Peyton Manning in a Super Bowl, where the only time Big Ben met an elite QB in his prime in a Super Bowl (Aaron Rodgers).. he lost.

Aaron Rodgers vs. Philip Rivers
Our Pick: Aaron Rodgers

Philip Rivers is an alright QB. He is not Aaron Rodgers though.

Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson
Our Pick: Peyton Manning

Certainly Wilson won the Super Bowl over Peyton, but he also didn’t have to face the Seahawks defense. Our choice is clearly Peyton Manning and even if Wilson wins 3 more Super Bowl rings in the next 10 years: it’s still Peyton.

Joe Montana vs. Boomer Esiason
Our Pick: Joe Montana

Boomer has been forgotten with time, but you cannot top Joe Montana and his 4 Super Bowl victories.

Jim Kelly vs. Warren Moon
Our Pick: Warren Moon

This is one that we had a tough time debating. It’s nearly a tie. Jim Kelly is a 4x AFC Champion who lost the Super Bowl 4x but to 4 elite teams. Warren Moon never played in the Super Bowl but was an unreal QB. We decided that Moon played on lesser teams and would’ve done slightly more with the Bills than Kelly.

John Elway vs. Dan Fouts
Our Pick: John Elway

We don’t want to write off Dan Fouts but John Elway was out of this world. He kept carrying the Broncos back to the Super Bowl and went out a back to back champion.

Dan Marino vs. Phil Simms
Our Pick: Dan Marino

Phil Simms has a Super Bowl ring and Dan Marino doesn’t, but Marino would’ve won it all with the 1986 Giants too. He also would’ve won the Super Bowl again in 1990 and possibly even a third ring between 1986 and 1990.

Terry Bradshaw vs. Otto Graham
Our Pick: Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw won 4 Super Bowl’s while Otto Graham didn’t play in the Super Bowl era. We don’t wish to discredit Graham but we must go with Bradshaw based on still being relevant today.

Bart Starr vs. Frank Tarkenton
Our Pick: Bart Starr

Bart Starr was apart of the 1960s Packers dynasty and Super Bowl I and II Champion. Tarkenton was a historic New York Giant. The fact is Tarkenton got destroyed by the 1970s Steelers in the Super Bowl. That to us stands out as the greatest negative between the two.

Roger Staubach vs. Joe Namath
Our Pick: Roger Staubach

We know everyone wants to say Joe Namath because he won Super Bowl III. Roger Staubach is the superior QB though. Staubach has 5 Super Bowl appearances, won twice, and two of his three losses to the 1970s Steelers in close efforts.

Johnny Unitas vs. Bob Griese
Our Pick: Johnny Unitas

Earl Morrall connection anyone? Unitas was a better pound for pound QB who we felt won with the 1970 Colts with less talent than Griese had in 72 or 73. Earl Morrall also filled in for Griese in Super Bowl V when he was injured. The 1972 and 1973 Dolphins were armed to the teeth. 1972 Dolphins QB Earl Morrall is also heavily responsible 11 victories out of the 17-0 record.

Troy Aikman vs. Drew Bledsoe
Our Pick: Troy Aikman

We ask ourselves, what if Bledsoe was apart of the 1992, 1993 and 1995 Cowboys? We declared they’d still be successful but we feel Bledsoe wouldn’t have been as consistent. Aikman was a much cleaner system QB. Furthermore, 24-year old Tom Brady did with the 2001 Patriots what Bledsoe would’ve never done. Bledsoe did come up big in the AFC Championship, but Brady got him there.

Steve Young vs. Steve McNair
Our Pick: Steve Young

Steve McNair was yards away from tying Super Bowl 34. It was a clutch drive. Young was not only great but sat behind Montana during several of his prime years. Young not only had a great career but could’ve had a greatest career.

Kurt Warner vs. Donovan McNabb
Our Pick: Kurt Warner

Warner won the Super Bowl and McNabb did not. Warner played in 3 Super Bowl’s and McNabb only played in 1. That’s where we leave it.

Brett Favre vs. Rich Gannon
Our Pick: Brett Favre

Brett’s an all-time great. No debate here. Gannon lost to the Patriots in the tuck rule game, came back the next year, had his chance and got blown out by Gruden’s Bucs.


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