Ivan Reitman Out As ‘Ghostbusters III’ Director


SCREENRANT.comFor starters, the latest report from Deadline makes it crystal-clear: Ghostbusters 3 will serve as a reboot of the franchise. Sony’s hope is that the project will reinvigorate the Ghostbusters brand and make it another dependable source of income for the studio in the 21st century.

Moreover, Ivan Reitman (Draft Day) – who directed the first and second Ghostbusters installments – has decided to pass on helming this new movie, as Ramis’ death has (understandably) taken the winds out of his sails, as far as Reitman’s enthusiasm for the project goes.

However, Reitman is still onboard the Ghostbusters reboot as a producer and a search is underway for a fitting candidate to replace him as director, with the hope of being able to get production started (at long, long last) as soon as Fall 2014 in New York – though, Reitman cautions, “Given the logistics and the stuff that happens, the beginning of 2015 seems more likely.”

It’s like I have been saying since 2008: I don’t care how a Ghostbuster movie gets made. I care that a Ghostbusters movie gets made. I’ll worry about how good it is later. The great Harold Ramis has passed. Ivan Reitman is now out. I still say they should just do a 100% reboot and steal a page from Star Trek (2009). Original Characters. New Actors. Dan Aykroyd can return as Mayor Lenny. Ernie Hudson can have a role in the movie in some fashion as the Mayor’s Assistant. The good news is it looks like Sony is pushing forward through thick and thin. It’s time to just get this film franchise back on wheels and get it going again. Sequel or remake. I don’t care.


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