St. Patrick’s Day: We Should Add A Day Where All Cultures Can Celebrate Their Heritage


St. Patrick’s Day has been a really cool day for a long time. It’s great to see everyone getting all excited, dawning green and having themselves a few. I’m a big fan of corned beef and cabbage as much as anyone. I myself am not Irish and will admit that I tend to get a tad jealous every year on this day. I’ve always been one to celebrate culture, and it’s great to see the Irish having a chance to pridefully celebrate their own heritage. It’s outstanding that St. Patrick’s Day invites everyone to join in on the party. I just feel like it would also be cool for myself and others to have a big day where we can celebrate our own cultures. I think it would be a lot of fun and would make for even more celebrations during the year.

I recall back to my middle school days, where the entire grade had to do a report and class presentation on their individual cultural backgrounds. It took a few weeks to prepare and culminated with a day long event in the cafeteria with 20 to 30 group presentations. It was a fun time to see people celebrate being Italian, French, Spanish, etc. We even brought in various foods. Everyone seemed to take pride in what they were doing, learned more about themselves and we also learned more about each others cultures. I think it would be amazing to dawn our home countries colors and eat our best and most famous foods. I believe everyone would enjoy participating in an event like this. In the United States, we are so rich with diversity that I would love to see all cultures have the opportunity to be celebrated. A National Heritage Day.


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