Mendon Twin Drive-In Sold To ‘Phantom Gourmet’ Andelman Brothers


The official Facebook page of the ‘Phantom Gourmet’ has just released the following status update:

“Phantom Gourmet and the Andelman brothers are the proud new owners of the Mendon Twin Drive-In! Comment: Purple Power for a chance to win a weekday pass.”

I have just learned the following was released on ‘Mendon Twin Drive-In’ on Facebook as of last night:


I find this news very shocking to learn, but I am 100% pleased with who they sold it to. I’m a big fan of the ‘Phantom Gourmet’ and can only imagine what kind of food expansion they will bring to the nostalgic drive-in. It’s still crazy to see them sell this after 28 years of ownership. A lot of history and a lot of memories.

THE BOSTON GLOBE – “After they learn the ropes, the Andelman brothers have plans to bring some Phantom Gourmet flair to the business. Though he wasn’t ready to share the details, chief executive Dave Andelman said that there could be cross-promotions with the Phantom Gourmet brand, which includes the eponymous TV show, a gift card business, and an events division.

The goal, he said, is to make the “best use” of the 16-acre property, some of which is unused. The core of the business, however, will remain the same: first-run movies at affordable prices. Currently the price is $25 per car.

And the concession stand will keep serving a wide selection of snacks, Mexican food, and classic soda fountain drinks. The snack bar is such a part of the experience at the theater, in fact, that the brothers featured it on Phantom Gourmet about 10 years ago.

The Andelmans said they hope to strengthen the business further by using their Phantom Gourmet platform to spread the word. “When we let people know this thing is there,” Dave Andelman said, “I think they are going to come and they are going to have the best time.”


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