George’s Surf n’ Turf Open For The Season (Mendon, MA)

It marks the end of winter and the start of spring year after year. George’s Surf n’ Turf located on Route 16 in Mendon, Massachusetts opened for the season this past Wednesday, March 5th. For anyone whoever grew up in the area knows one thing: this is one of the top local destinations every year. Ipswich, MA has the Clam Box. Mendon, MA has George’s Surf n’ Turf.

I remember growing up going to this very same location during my childhood. In those years it was known as Redwood. It was a full-blown classic car-hop service. Today, George’s which is formally of Linwood, MA just across from what is now Brian’s Restaurant, now occupies the classic Redwood lot and has for many years now. You have to admire George’s for leaving all of the Redwood logos up and for maintaining the same setup. I always ate at the picnic tables in the far back of the parking lot and still do.

The food is outstanding.. the whole clams are a must. The clam strips, fish n’ chips, French fries and onion rings are all among my top picks. George’s also holds up strong on both Google and Yelp reviews.. averaging a 4 out of 5. One Google reviewer named Doug stated “I have been to the likes of the Clam Box in Ipswich and the famous Woodmans in Essex very recently and let me tell ya folks, as being raved about on various shows and magazines, they don’t impress me and have nothing over Georges (a.k.a The Redwood).” I also find that interesting to learn as I’ve long wanted to head to the Clam Box but have really argued would it truly be all that superior to George’s?

I will say this year I may have to try the Lobster roll out. I’ve yet to try that but will have to. It should be a great spring and summer this year and I look forward to hitting all of my summer stops. I definitely recommend George’s Surf n’ Turf for good food and good ice cream.


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