A ‘Full House’ Reunion Show Would Be A TV Ratings/Viewership Blockbuster

The cast of ‘Full House’ is popping up everywhere these days. Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged, John Stamos was at the Oscars and Candace Cameron-Bure has been announced as a contestant for the upcoming season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Most notably John Stamos, Bob Saget & Dave Coulier recently joined Jimmy Fallon to do a sketch on the Jimmy Fallon Show. It was at this point where I caught fire, re-living my 1990s childhood watching ‘Full House’ on Nick At Nite or on YouTube anytime I became disinterested during the Sochi Winter Olympics. I literally had on ‘Full House’ with the Olympics on the picture in picture. Stamos brought back Jesse & the Rippers on Jimmy Fallon this past summer. They completely tore it up to a massive ovation from the crowd:

‘Full House’ was a ratings and viewership blockbuster in the 1990s. I can only imagine what would happen if ABC brought back ‘Full House’ for a 2-hour reunion episode.


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