Oscars Ellen DeGeneres Selfie Planned Product Placement

“Like probably a lot of us, Ellen Degeneres doesn’t really know how to use a Samsung phone.

Samsung executives reportedly had to teach the lovable talk show host how to use a Galaxy Note 3 before the Oscars, according to the Wall Street Journal. And it’s a good thing too: Ellen’s Samsung-sponsored selfie got the company some prime advertising that’s perhaps worth more than the $20 million the WSJ estimates the tech giant spent on ads during the Oscars.

That’s because the lame attempt at proving that celebrities are just like us! turned out to be the most retweeted photo in history. And the WSJ confirms what we probably all already knew — the seemingly organic moment between Ellen, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep and pretty much every other famous person alive was basically product placement.”


I figured the Oscars group selfie was planned, but I didn’t realize it was planned product placement. It was a good moment that had everyone laughing. I was dying. Ellen actually wasn’t half bad as host, even passing out pizza. She really shook things up as host and was one of the better ones over the past few years. The Liza Minnelli joke was hilarious despite the controversy surrounding it.


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