Workout Beasts (Dwayne Johnson/The Rock, Antonio Cesaro & Terry Crews)

I’m always trying to get bigger, faster and stronger in the weight room. I’ve always looked at action movie stars and pro wrestlers as my inspiration. The number one way to get in shape is to show up to the gym and workout. The more consistently you do so, the more results you’ll get. You can modify your workout and diet accordingly to your most current needs and goals. I always say the workout is your top priority, and the diet is your second.

Dwayne Johnson/The Rock
“FOCUS!” Dwayne Johnson is an absolute beast for a reason. The diet/workout plan he had for his upcoming film ‘Hercules’ is absurd. He’s eating 7 meals a day, doing over fifty minutes of cardio and working out Monday-Saturday. I’ve linked his plan below:

Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro is a freak of nature. He doesn’t appear to be on steroids and doesn’t even have the frame that makes you think he has the strength he’s displaying. Cesaro lifting a 135lb bench bar over his head is unimaginable. He tosses around 400 plus pound monsters in the wrestling world like children.

Terry Crews
The muscle of ‘The Expendables’. Terry Crews mixes weight lifting and cardio. It’s incredible to watch. Squats definitely take a lot of wind and as always, all of this isn’t as simple as he makes it seem. Crews even breathes heavy after doing a routine he seemingly does regularly.


One thought on “Workout Beasts (Dwayne Johnson/The Rock, Antonio Cesaro & Terry Crews)

  1. I agree to maintain your fitness you’ve to consistently follow the training at gym as well as practice the moves to get perfect if you’re into wrestling or any other form of martial arts.


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