Cocke ‘N Kettle property purchased by Harry’s Pizza of Northbridge Owner

“UXBRIDGE — The owner of Harry’s Pizza in Northbridge has purchased the dormant Cocke ‘N Kettle property on Route 122 for $781,000.

Odisefs “Tom” Tsimogiannis said last week that he does not have any plans yet for the property.

The site includes a former restaurant building and large parking lot on 3.6 acres, at 240 Main St., near the Uxbridge District Courthouse. The restaurant, once known for its popovers, closed in July 2008. The property has been vacant ever since.

Mr. Tsimogiannis is the president of a limited liability corporation called Uxbridge Center Crossing LLC, which is the listed owner of the property. The same corporation also purchased a parcel at 262 Millville Road in Uxbridge for $319,000.

In addition to owning Harry’s Pizza in Northbridge, Mr. Tsimogiannis leases the Harry’s Pizza in Douglas to another operator. He said he sold the Harry’s in Uxbridge, but the name of the restaurant remained the same.”

I wrote about how Harry’s of Northbridge was the #1 pizza place in town last week. It’s certain that Tom’s pockets are deep, rolling out $781k on the Cocke ‘N Kettle building. I wonder if they’ll build some big-time Harry’s Pizza, which would trump Tony’s Pizza on 146 in Sutton. I’m sure all the drinking folks from Uxbridge and Northbridge would love a full blown restaurant/pub-style Harry’s Pizza to combine with their bar scene. If that were the case, the new China P need not open.

Secondary Reactions: No shock Harry’s of Northbridge doesn’t own Harry’s of Uxbridge because Harry’s of Uxbridge is terrible. That aside, I laughed the day the Cocke N’ Kettle aka “The Cock N’ Balls” went under. Mother’s Day 2006 at that restaurant was an absolute joke. The power going out, food not fully cooked, the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. I’ve never seen so many customers complain and walk out of a place. That infamous Mother’s Day was the nail in the coffin for the Kettle’s slow death. I like it’s 2.5 out of 5 rating on, which is generous.

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3 thoughts on “Cocke ‘N Kettle property purchased by Harry’s Pizza of Northbridge Owner

  1. When the Mother was alive , the restaurant was well run. The problems started when the daughter passed on. The son had no interest at all. That is when the place went south. If he had a little common sense.
    He should have ran it right as it was and sell while it had a good reputation, and make a very good profit.
    Today there is no common sense left anywhere.


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