The Importance of Believing in Yourself

The more I learn the more I realize the reward of believing in yourself. If you go through life allowing others to dictate your pace you’re always going to fall short of where you’d like to be. It’s important to be the one who self-validates and self-rewards. If you’re going to depend on the compliments of others you’re only working for approval. It is okay to accept compliments but just don’t depend on them. When you self-approve, you’re self-confident. You know where you’re going and this new confidence may likely come off as mysterious to others. James Bond is self-assured.

The fact is the more you believe in yourself, the more those around you who know you best may contest it. People don’t like change and truthfully more often than not they prefer you right where you’ve been. It’s a matter of their own comfort and security. I wouldn’t confine yourself to their limited beliefs. Establish yourself. The fact is some friends may try to hold you to the standard of your past and previous self. It’s vital not to allow them to win over. It’s like going to your high school reunion and everyone looks at you as you were 10 years ago. You haven’t seen most of these people in a decade. You’re not the same person, so you don’t fall into their hoop. Everyone has that chip on their shoulder that they’re not who they were 10 years and ago and they’re right. You present yourself as who you are at age 28. In this world, you’ll need to overcome the perception of others while displaying through your actions and demeanor your confidence.

Your vision for yourself is stronger than anyone’s perception of you. The more you internally enforce who you are, the more you believe in it and the easier the reality of it is realized. You may also find those around you believing in you more. You have to set the images all in your head and then believe in them. When you find newfound levels of success you will truly realize the importance of believing in yourself.

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