Ray Rice knocking out fiancé caught on video

I suppose it’s new stories like that this that are the reason I write for ‘Reaction Reporters’. It’s not too hard to watch this video and not react in stunned shocked. You’d almost swear this was some lost clip on the Dave Chappelle show with the audience laughing in the background. Unfortunately this is real life and Super Bowl 47 Champion Ray Rice straight knocked his fiancé out cold. I somehow guess Vegas will have odds out on whether these two will make it down the aisle or not one day. I’ll make a confident bet that they won’t but anything’s possible. While this isn’t Aaron Hernandez bad, it’s worse than Richie Incognito. Rice was caught on tape on top of all of this. I don’t know if he was venting personal frustration for ruining our fantasy seasons or his fiancé just wouldn’t shut up. Either way Rice’s image is tarnished no matter his reasoning. The way he carries her out of the elevator at the start of the video looks like reminiscent of a killer escorting a dead body towards a trunk. You almost expect Rice to pull out a gun and open fire on the guy who approaches him midway through the video.

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