Mount Rushmore of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and WWE

All the buzz in the sports world has centered around Kobe Bryant selecting his Mount Rushmore of the NBA. The story escalated when Bill Russell had no choice but to respond to being left off of LeBron James Mount Rushmore. Since this, the questions all over the TV and Internet have been what would your Mount Rushmore be for just about every sport. Here is a look at our Mount Rushmore for the 4 major pro sports and pro wrestling just to add some fun to the mix.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Bill Russell – The greatest Champion in sports in history with 11 NBA Championships.
Larry Bird – The greatest multi-stat player of all-time, points/assists/rebounds/steals.
Magic Johnson – May have won 7 NBA titles if not for Bird in ’84 and Jordan in ’91.
Michael Jordan – Won 6 titles but may have won in ’94, ’95 and ’99 if he didn’t retire.

National Football League (NFL)

Vince Lombardi – The original great NFL coach, who was winning long before Super Bowl I and II.
Jim Brown – The greatest running back who ever lived and probably the greatest player.
Joe Montana – The highest example of a multi-Super Bowl winning quarterback.
Jerry Rice – The ultimate deep threat/short threat wide receiver.

National Hockey League (NHL)

Bobby Orr – The greatest hockey player of all-time. A defensemen who led the league in scoring.
Gordie Howe – Claimed by many as the greatest overall hockey player ever.
Wayne Gretzky – The great one. The ultimate goal scoring machine.
Guy Lafleur – Won five Stanley Cups with Montreal.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Cy Young – A historic pitcher who has the modern-day pitching award named after him.
Babe Ruth – The original home run hitter and the definitive baseball great.
Jackie Robinson – Skills prevailed over discrimination as he broke the color barrier.
Ted Williams – The greatest player to never win the World Series, but one of the most talented ever.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Bruno Sammartino – Longest reigning World Champion in the history of the industry.
Andre the Giant – The definitive big man.
Hulk Hogan – The greatest wrestler who ever lived, from his power to character.
Stone Cold Steve Austin – The TV audience generator whose antics solidified Monday Nights.

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