999 Zillion Dollars, And How I’d Change The World

You’re in the middle of your 9 to 5 routine 40-hour work week. You head to lunch at the mall and stop at the food court for some Japanese Chicken Teriyaki. You pay for your meal, watch it be cooked and find a seat when it’s ready. You sit down and eat. You try to unwind but can’t help but have one hundred things rolling through your head. Getting back to work on time. The rest of the work day ahead. What you watched on TV last night. An old thought that’s re-surfaced from your memory bank. Your family. Your pet. Hitting the gym after work. How it’s Tuesday and not Friday. How you wish your life could be better.

How you wish you won the lottery.

I often debate these days if winning 225 million dollars is enough to truly accomplish all of your dreams. If I’m wrong take into consideration the amount of taxes you pay beforehand. The amount of times the lives of lottery winners have spiraled downward into having less money than before they won.

How many famous millionaires have lost all of their money?

The scenario I imagine is what if out of the blue one day you had 999 Zillion Dollars?
Infinite dollars. An amount of money that no matter how much you spent you’d always be reimbursed out of thin air.

How would this affect you, your family, the lives of everyone around you, the country and the world? The fact is you’d be the richest person alive and financially the most powerful. My idea isn’t for world domination, being adored/idolized or being the absolute elitist. It’s that money buys power and with that comes the ability to be a decision maker without limits.

When you take into consideration the way people in the United States and the world struggle financially, I find it impossible to think selfishly given such a bank roll. It’s true that ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ as Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben once said.

I’m not going to say I wouldn’t spend the money on houses, cars, yachts and all that, but I’d be a person in a special position to bring about change. I look around me and I see a world in need of aide. I’ll explain how I’d spend the money on both myself and on others.

Spending on myself

My primary residence would be in Malibu, California. I’d buy at least six sky scrapers with several floors dedicated as my personal residence. The locations would be in Boston, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. It’d allow for shorter flights home when traveling across the country. I’d stay in luxury hotels on foreign soil instead of buying residences there. My buildings would apply to both my private and business life. Yes, I’d still keep working with 999 zillion dollars. I’d lease all of my luxury vehicles, private jets and yachts to cut back on buying all the time and having the ability to upgrade to the latest yearly models. I would live a major business owner/producer lifestyle, but not for further financial gain (obviously) or fame. I’d be able to afford to do what I want, with full creative power as I produced movies aside major movie studios. I’d put my movie ideas to work and get the type of productions I wanted out there. I’d never have to worry about box office results.

Would I own a sports franchise? I actually wouldn’t as much as I’d love to. The movie industry would consume all of my life during the work week and I wouldn’t want to balance a Hollywood/Sports Industry lifestyle. I’d keep active in sports leagues and always go to the gym a minimum of four times per week. I’d buy several franchises of my favorite restaurants and have them in all of my buildings. My buildings would also have movie studios on several floors.

Spending on others

I’d definitely help out family and friends first and foremost. You have to help your loved ones or you’re just a terrible human being. I’d also employ a lot of people with my producing life in Hollywood. I’d open up talent searches and allow people to use their gifts. I’d financial back struggling companies and grant them the appropriate training funds to allow them to achieve greater levels of success.

I’d grant the United States enough money to pay off the deficit. I’d grant the United States enough money to grant everyone the healthcare they want. I’d grant the United States enough money to aide this country and struggling countries from various issues such as debt, poverty, homelessness and starvation. It’d allow for everyone’s loans and debts to be paid off. I’d invest in several churches. I’d invest in clean energy. I’d donate a massive sum to the American Red Cross. I’d donate to research on every single health disorder, disease and issue pertaining to human life on Earth. I’d go after every other issue I see in this world.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, or eternal life on Earth but it can make a positive change when effectively invested. I feel if anyone had this kind of money they’d set about bringing good change. It’s okay to spend on a life of luxury but I wouldn’t be one to sit up on a mountain looking down upon others while everyone struggled. I’d be proactive. I believe everyone deserves living a life well lived. I don’t believe the world should be about excelling while everyone else fails. That’s how I’d change the world.

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3 thoughts on “999 Zillion Dollars, And How I’d Change The World

    • Dont need a trillion like a boost Trying too change my.home town before its too late single mom whos 27 nursing assistant out of work want to do more for my kids generation they are my.life


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