Ranking the Pizza Places of Northbridge, MA

In the town of Northbridge, Massachusetts one thing is certain: you’ll never have a hard time finding a place to eat pizza. In recent years Domino’s has joined the competition as well as Corner Pizza and Grill (both located on Church Street). It was at this point where I said to myself.. the amount of choices have just gotten out of hand. Fortunately, a Japanese Restaurant coming to town has imposed some needed eating variety. That said, it’s time to give every Pizza place the spotlight and rank them out.

Last Place
Domino’s Pizza
72 Church St

I’m not a fan of chain pizza places. Therefore, last place goes to Domino’s. It’s an ideal place to go if you work in the area or need a place to go on lunch break. It’s also located in the heart of town and they have top delivery service.

5th Place
Northbridge House of Pizza
2225 Providence Rd

Located in Rockdale, this place is likely unknown to many. It blends into the building it’s located in. I went here a few times back in the past. The pizza is fine and it’s good that a small pizza place in a less traveled corner of town has stayed in business over the years.

4th Place
Corner Pizza and Grill
125 Church Ave

The latest edition in town. I believe everyone went through their “I’m going to try this new place out” phase and decided for themselves. Opinions are very mixed. I recall trying it out one Saturday and having a bad impression of the owner first and foremost. I didn’t leave feeling like I should ever return. I did try the pizza and wasn’t impressed. The menu is the most extensive you’ll find in town but how well it follows through is debatable. If you drive down Church street any night of the week.. they have no more than 1-3 customers in there. I actually predicted they’d be out of business by 2014 but they’ve proven me wrong. I have heard people speak more positively of Corner in recent months.

3rd Place
New England Pizza
1115 Providence Rd

I feel this is one of the best located pizza places in town right on Plummer’s Corner. I also find that the pizza and subs are both consistent. I’m not sure about the towns overall impression but it’s my favorite alternative to my top two.

The debate for 1st Place
Harry’s Famous Pizza vs. Village House of Pizza

In the quest for the best pizza place in town it’s between Village House of Pizza and Harry’s Famous Pizza. It’s without question that these are the top two. I believe this where the argument for who’s #1 comes in, if you were the poll the town. Harry’s is the true Town’s Champion where Village is the true “you’ve got to believe me when I tell you, that this is the best place in town” Champion.

2nd Place
Village House of Pizza
199 N Main St

You’re going to find a solid amount of people in town who come here over Harry’s. The fact is Village does have quite a few things over Harry’s and the competition. They have seafood unlike Harry’s, and in my opinion the best Fish n’ Chips not only in town but in the area (better than the Hay-Wagon or George’s Surf n’ Turf). The Fish n’ Shrimp is incredible and well priced at around $8. The subs have the most slices of meat versus any other place. The Italian sub is packed. The pizza combo selection is also unmatched. They have a creative and distinct menu with an imaginative range. It’s hard not to go here and not try something you’ve never tried before.

1st Place
Harry’s Famous Pizza
185 Church St

The town favorite and my favorite. I’m a longtime regular and this is where my heart lies when it comes to pizza in town and on the planet. It’s also the #1 place to eat in Northbridge period. Everyone has a great story to tell about Harry’s. The absolute best tasting pizza around. I’ve had countless friends and family from out of town try it and remark how amazed they are by the pizza. While the topping menu is standard for a pizza menu, the fact that it’s the best tasting does infinite damage control to any competitor with more elaborate topping options. Harry’s knows who they are and they stick to it. The Chicken Supreme pizza may possibly be the greatest pizza combination of all-time. The subs are outstanding and everyone you get is great. Thanksgiving Eve is also the night to go here and is the most busy night of the year. You already knew that.

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One thought on “Ranking the Pizza Places of Northbridge, MA

  1. Corner Pizza in Northbridge, ma blames the drivers for all the mistakes when it is truly the owners messing up the orders will never spend a dime on this place again

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