The New China Pacific Thoughts (Whitinsville, MA)

I’ll admit I’ve long avoided the food here dating back to the 1990s. The restaurant located in Whitinsville, MA is a long time cult favorite of Northbridge, MA/Uxbridge, MA residents, resting just off the town borders. The China Pacific is best known as “The China P”, which has carried itself like an on again/off again relationship. It’s opened and closed, opened and closed and then re-opened, closed and is now opening again. It was once known for it’s bad to okay food, liquor law violations, likely board of health violations, likely a rat or two, maybe a cat in the back on the counter or something similar to that, cluttered dust on the walls, Mai Tai’s, five men at the bar hanging out with one woman who views them as drinking partners-not as lovers-but they don’t realize that, more than a few fights, people getting hit by cars in the parking lot and also *a slanted parking lot to match the slanted building positioning. Place your bets now because certainly their are a lot more out of control moments to be expected when it re-opens. China P is essentially the drinking capital of the Blackstone Valley when it comes to the high quality dining out experience. Ask anyone.

The New China P has been approved for required licenses and won a zoning vote. It’s expected to open at some point.. eventually.. and someone out there knows when and is not telling us. The owner has combined his name into Jackie Lee, from Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (not really) and is known as Mr. Lee. The question is can Mr. Lee bring China P to level that the regulars command? Will Mr. Lee live for the moment? According to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette: “Mr. Lee plans to renovate the building before opening, and has applications before the Board of Health as well. The restaurant will have Keno and other Massachusetts lottery games.” I don’t plan on going to China P anymore than I did in the past.. less than once in a while.. but they’d just best have good Beef Fried Rice.

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