The Kardashian Media Marketing Machine

Fame is determined by relevance. It’s being in the spotlight. Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. She is the long-term star Paris Hilton failed to be. She has capitalized off the same mold by not making the mistakes Paris did. In 2013, this is why Kim is still as relevant as she was back in 2007. This is all the more reason why E! has stuck the Kardashian family. They are a media giants marketing dream. Everything they do produces headlines, at every level of the family. The Khloe and Lamar Odom marriage saga. The Kris and Bruce Jenner separation/divorce saga. Kylie Jenner dating “The Karate Kid” Jaden Smith. You can begin placing bets that Kendall and Kylie will have their own show within 2 years.

If you watch Kanye West’s latest music with Kim Kardashian called “Bound 2”, you’ll see it’s nothing but pure trash, but talked about because people will talk about it (positively or negatively). That’s the power of media marketing. In true power couple fashion: Kanye banks off Kim and Kim banks off Kanye. Kim’s relationship with Kris Humphries is now just as forgotten as Humphries himself. It’s as relevant as her relationship with Reggie Bush.

The Kardashian hype machine has no end in sight. They know how to play the cards right.



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