Bruce Willis out of ‘Expendables 3’, Stallone opens fire on Twitter

On August 6th, Sylvester Stallone posted the following on Twitter..

“WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!”

He followed up that tweet with the following..


Today news broke that ‘Die Hard’ star Bruce Willis turned down a $3 Million Dollar offer and demanded $4 Million. The rumor has been ever since that the ‘Greedy and Lazy’ tweet was aimed at Willis. I really don’t blame Stallone, especially when you take into consideration that Willis would only be filming for 4 days. That is greedy. Lazy I don’t know about. Willis makes about 3-5 movies per year. Either way that means no Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris for EX3. Mel Gibson joining the cast is still unconfirmed. Arnold Schwarzenegger let’s pray is back. I do like the casting of Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes, Nic Cage and Milla Jovovich. Harrison Ford will be a great casting plus. A movie career of playing Indiana Jones, Han Solo and a terrorist battling President certainly are huge credentials. I wouldn’t mind Harrison standing in for Willis perhaps as a rep from the same agency. Either way Expendables 3 should be an awesome installment.



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